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June 28, 2012

The Harvest Foundation of the Piedmont      In honor of Martha Medley
HD Web Studio
The Irvinig and Jett Groves Foundation
Herbert Collins
Elizabeth Walker                                       In honor of Virginia Hamlet
Dee Moore Smith
Nancy Stone                                            In memory of Shelley Drane
Lynnie Mitchell                                          In memory of Howard Stone
Catherine Stone                                        In memory of Howard Stone
Debbie Lewis
Rebecca Crabtree
Donald Holsinger                                       In honor of Betty Holsinger
Julie Thomas                                            In memory of Shelley Drane
Linda Moll                                                In honor of Class of 2001 and
my Kids on the Block buddies
Helen Carter                                            In honor of Laura Jones and
Libby Wood
Page Beeler
Kimberly Snyder                                       In honor of Mrs. Albert G.
Byrum, Jr. (Patsy)
Natalie Coleman                                       In honor of Active Members
Marty Gardner                                         In memory of Barbara
Betsy Cole                                              In memory of Mimi Riggan
Chris Poirier                                             In honor of Susan Muehleck
Linda Isley                                              In memory of Dr. and
Mrs. Roger Wall
Nancy Thomas                                        In memory of Kit Gautsch,
Mimi Riggan
Sandra Ford
Jean Morris                                             In honor of Sara Gilliam
Eliza Severt
Lee Anne Fuller                                       In honor of all Past Presidents
Mary B. Davis                                         In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Irving 
                                                                 Mrs. Mattie Sheppard, 
                                                          In memory of Mary Brown Booth
Mrs. Stanford C. Finney, Sr.                     In memory of Stanford C. Finney Sr.
Anne Vipperman                                    In memory of Ginny Madonia
Charlene White
Cindy Edgerton                                      In honor of Class of 2008
Sharon Bushnell                                     In memory of Kit Gautsch
Penny Wyatt                                        In honor of Selma Smith
Lucy Andrews
Ivey C. Stone                                       In honor of Cathy and
Nancy Stone
Pamela Mazurek                                    In honor of Phillia Wenkstern
Carolyn Rosser