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Contact the Charity League

Charity League of Martinsville, VA, Inc.
P.O. Box 3613
Martinsville, VA  24115
President:  Melanie Eggleston
email:  charityleague@gmail.com

Interested in joining Charity League?  Contact the President at the email address above.

Have a donation request?  Please complete the form and email to the Charity League address above.

2019-2020 Officers


Melanie Eggleston

First Vice-President

Kara Gilley

Second Vice-President

Tiffany Anderson


Paige Jones

Recording Secretary

Holly Dillon

Member Events Secretary

Michelle Williams

Member Relations Secretary

Lindsey Bryant

Admissions Secretary

Christina Fielder

Fundraising Secretary

Whitney Stone-Steen

Computer Secretary

Liz Ashby

 Liz Ashby
Marketing/PR Secretary

Samantha Griffith

Administrative Secretary 

Julie Brown

Vice Treasurer
Michelle Dillon
Bargain Fair Chair

Keri Adkins

Bargain Fair Chair

Katie Elliott