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Contact the Charity League

Charity League of Martinsville, VA, Inc.
P.O. Box 3613
Martinsville, VA  24115
President:  Carrie Metzger
email:  charityleague@gmail.com

Interested in joining Charity League?  Contact the President at the email address above.

Have a donation request?  Please complete the form and email to the Charity League address above.

2017-2018 Officers


Carrie Metzger

First Vice-President

Veronica Favero

Second Vice-President

Melanie Eggleston


Tanya Crehan

Recording Secretary

Michelle Hamby

Member Events Secretary

Kim Banerjee

Member Relations Secretary

Ashley Eubank

Admissions Secretary

Tiffany Anderson

Fundraising Secretary

Nicole Nelson

Computer Secretary

Sharon Dalton

Marketing/PR Secretary

Samantha Griffith

Administrative Secretary 

Kara Koger Gilley

Vice Treasurer

Rachael Wingfield