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June 1, 2012
The night began as Actives and Sustainers reminisced over their days together in the League.  Stories were shared, laughs were heard, and friendships either rekindled or new ones begun. One by one, the Provisionals began to enter.  Some glowed, some were shy and uncertain of what the night would bring, and others seemed to know most of the crowd that had gathered.
The most common remarks throughout the evening were those referring to the food.  The punch was among the favorites of the evening and had to be refilled several times throughout the evening!  Most of the crowd seemed amazed at the sheer MASS of food, stretching the entire length of the 16 foot table, plus two side tables.  The menu itself was a culinary adventure; from spinach dips and sausage dips, to quiche, fruit, meatballs, pinwheels, brownies, cocktail franks, brie en croute, homemade tea sandwiches....the list seemed to be endless and everyone could easily find more than enough for several trips to fill their plates.  The wine flowed and spirits were high.
The floral decorations were also among the favorites.  As you entered the Parish House you were greeted by the enticing fragrance of hydrangeas, roses, hyacinths and lilies which followed you from room to room.  Each arrangement was tailor-made for its precise placement. 
As the evening came to a close, the League sent leftover food to both the Grace Network and the Citizens Against Family Violence shelter.  A huge thank you goes out to Pam Allen and Jean Williams for kindly volunteering to deliver leftovers.
 As always, the success of any event, and especially one this grandiose, could not be done without the work of so many.  The kitchen seemed to always be full of helping hands, before, during and after.  Fabulously led by Michelle Isernia, a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this night the spectacular event that it was.  All in all, as the evening wound down, we said goodbye to 96 attendees - 96 fabulous ladies with love and generosity in their heart and a kind, giving spirit.