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June 2, 2012

This year, in an effort to both welcome and retain our fantastic and substantial provisional class, Active members have been paired with a Provisional to support them throughout their first year. This effort is designed to give the Provisionals someone they can get to know and ask questions of, and it is a great way for Actives to become familiar with one or more of the new folks. With 25 Provisionals, we have our hands full in a great way. We look forward to serving with you!

Class of 2016
Larissa Rash
Kara Carter-Hundley
Kimberly Belongia
Christina Slate
Jennifer Doss
Barbara Waldron
Melinda East-Brightwell
Traci Reeves
Amy Branson
Maria Harris
Adrianne Bowyer
Tonya Hall
Courtney McFarling
Ashley Rivers
Elizabeth Gammons
Tonya McFarling
Erin Jenkins
Chandres Pickett
Terri Webster
Sarah Robertson
Suzanne Caviness
Piedad Bendall
Nicole Fulcher
Kimberly Wheeler
Cindy Cunningham