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June 5, 2012

This year the Member Events committee hosted a Sustainer Dessert at the Parish House on the same evening as the Provisional Dessert. It was a most delightful evening. Rachael Revel prepared scrumptious appetizers and desserts "to die for". It was truly a lovely presentation. 

Sustainers, whom I had the privilege to speak with about the event, spoke highly of combining the two. I, personally, had a wonderful time getting to know the provisional class and spending time with some of the ladies whom, though their hard work with the Charity League, have afforded me the opportunity to be involved as well. 

I met a very nice lady at the Sustainer/Provisional Dessert - Mrs. Mary Creasy. Mrs. Mary Creasy shared with me some of the experiences that she has had with the League. She told me about “Bargain Boxes" that they used as a fundraiser before "Bargain Fair". She reminisced about the year they made 1000.00 dollars– more than they had ever made before. Mrs. Creasy then said "and look how far you all have come and all the wonderful things you all are involved with now." 

Yes, I agree the League is involved with lots of things that help to promote growth for the youth of our community. Thank you for the compliment, but more importantly, thank you- Mrs. Creasy and thank you sustainers for all that you have done and continue to do for "The League". Because of you members like myself may have the privilege to carry on with "The League’s" mission. In conclusion, so far consensus states Sustainer/Provisional Dessert = Great event. I look forward to seeing you all there again next year!! Wishing everyone a safe and super fun summer!!!