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June 5, 2012

Fourteen wonderfully talented, hard working women have been nominated and selected as provisional members of the Charity League. All of the provisionals have expressed interest in becoming more involved in the community and meeting new friends from the active and sustainer membership. They are an eclectic group…single, married, mothers, community volunteers, friends, full and part-time professionals and so much more…bringing their robust talents, activism and energy to continue the dynamic legacy of the Charity League. 
Let’s meet our 2007 Provisional Class!

Amanda Cater
Amanda “Mandy” Cater is a native of Mississippi and attended Delta State University where she majored in Speech Pathology. She and her husband, Doug, met in Mississippi and have been married for nearly 3 years. Prior to their recent move to Martinsville, Doug and Mandy lived in Mandeville, LA for two years. Currently, Mandy works part-time as an administrative assistant at CSelect. They have a 3 year old, 6-pound Chihuahua, Vegas. Mandy’s hobbies include reading, watching movies, walking Vegas and running. Mandy was nominated by Janine Jacob and seconded by Erica Schulze Ising and Tiffany Coleman.

Leigh Cockram
Originally from this area, Leigh Cockram graduated from Fieldale Collinsville High School and the University of Virginia. She and her husband, Jimmy, live in Collinsville. Leigh works as a sales representative for Commonwealth Laminating and Coating. She is eager to get involved with community service for our area. Leigh was nominated by her aunt, Helen Carter, and seconded by Lee Anne Fuller and Janine Jacob.

Ryvonda Haley
Ryvonda “Cricket” Haley is married to Robert Haley and has twins, Jem Michael and Scout Marie, 8 years old and two step children. She works as a sales manager/project coordinator for HerDesign, Inc. She currently serves as president on FREE Foundation Board. Ryvonda was nominated by Masha Edelen and seconded by Anne Frazier and Leanna Blevins.

Samantha Lester
A native of Hurley, VA, Samantha Lester graduated from the University of Virginia-Wise. After graduation, she moved to Henry County accepting a position with the county school system where she worked with special needs children at Drewry Mason Middle School and later transferred to Magna Vista High. She is currently a pharmaceutical sales representative and lives in Collinsville. Samantha was nominated by Carol Henderson and seconded by Beverly Cecil and Tiffany Coleman.

Miriam Mallow 
Miriam Mallow grew up in the mission field where her parents served as missionaries world-wide. Miriam’s husband, Guy, is retired from the military and currently teaches ROTC at Bassett High School. Miriam is currently a stay-at-home mother raising their four children. Miriam and Guy relocated to the area approximately two years ago and live in Stanleytown. Miriam was nominated by Tonya Bredamus and seconded by Tammy Moore and Anne Frazier.

Bernadette Moore
Berndatte Moore and her husband, Eric, recently moved to Martinsville from her home town of Hillsville, VA. Bernadette is a graduate of VCU where she majored in painting and print making. Currently, Bernadette is the Director of Marketing & Public Relations at Piedmont Arts Association. Her hobbies are reading, going to the movies and spending time with her husband and dog, Gilbert. Bernadette was nominated by Heidi Pinkston and seconded by Anne Frazier and Judy Matthews.

Deirdre Moyer
Deirdre “Dee” Moyer is a graduate of UNC-G with a B.S. degree in Public Health Education with a concentration in Community Health Education. She also completed a certification for the core public health concepts at UNC-Chapel Hill. Dee currently works for the Martinsville Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness as Activities Director for the Healthy Community Initiative and she is an active member of the New Opportunities Club, local Toastmasters chapter and HEY through Piedmont Community Services. In her free time, Dee enjoys working out, bowling, cooking, scrap booking and spending time with her family, friends and dog, Emma. Deirdre was nominated by Leanna Blevins and seconded by Anne Frazier and Theresa Meyer.

Amanda “Kate” Muehleck
Originally from Strasburg, VA, Kate Muehleck is a graduate of Bridgewater College where she earned in Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. Kate and her husband, Jason, a Martinsville native, live in Martinsville. Kate is a Human Resource Generalist with StarTek. Kate’s hobbies include working out, cooking, reading and spending time outdoors. Amanda was nominated by Janine Jacob and seconded by Lee Anne Fuller and Pam Allen.

Jennifer Nease
Jennifer Nease grew up in Martinsville and attended USC in Columbia, SC. Jennifer and her husband, Carson, were married last year and reside in Martinsville. She is Assistant Vice-President of BB&T Investment Services Inc. Jennifer’s grand mother-in-law, Helen Weller Nease, and her mother-in-law, Cindy Nease, are sustainers in the league. Jennifer is looking forward to becoming more involved in the community especially with children in need Jennifer was nominated by Erica Schulze Ising and seconded by Dawn Mills and Janine Jacob.

Diane Ramey
A native and resident of Eden, NC, Diane Ramey is a graduate of UNC-G with a degree in Public Health Administration. Since 2004, she has served as the Program Director for the Healthy Community Initiative, a part of the Martinsville & Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness. Diane serves on the board of the MCH After 3 and the Nonprofit Leaders Network Advisory Board which is part of the local United Way. She is busy planning her wedding to Shane Sawyer in the fall of 2007. Diane was nominated by Anne Frazier and seconded by Leanna Blevins and Theresa Bechtel.

Staci Soper
Staci Soper is originally from Florida and moved to Martinsville eight years ago. She is a Speech Language Pathologist. Staci relocated to Martinsville to work for Henry County Public schools as a SLP. Staci received her Masters of Science degree at Radford University. Staci returned to Florida to do an internship for the summer, and then met her husband Derick. After some convincing she got Derick to agree to relocate to Martinsville. Staci is manager of the therapy department at King’s Grant. Staci likes to garden, cook and sew for hobbies. She is looking forward to giving back to the community. Staci was nominated by Erica Schulze Ising and seconded by Tiffany Coleman and Beverly Cecil.

Melany Stowe
Melany Stowe and her husband, Brian, live in Martinsville. They have a 2-year old son, Reeves. Melany is the Communications & Community Relations/Career Development Coordinator for the Henry County School System. She is an avid sports fan. Melany was nominated by Lee Anne Fuller and seconded by Helen Carter and Betsy Cole.

Angel Janelle Sumner
Janelle Sumner has lived in Danville, VA most of her life. She graduated from Carlisle and then went on to college. Janelle works in the Admissions Office at Carlisle. She and her husband, Nathan, have 2 children, Stacy, 9, and Joey, 4. Currently, she is pursuing the completion of her bachelor’s degree. She is a host mother to a 10th grade student from Korea and serves on the Family Selection Committee for the Danville-Pittsylvania County Habitat for Humanity. Janelle was nominated by Valerie Brunner and seconded by Janine Jacob and Cindy Edgerton.

Meredith Vaughn
Originally from Salisbury, NC, Meredith Vaughn attended UNC where she obtained a degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Accounting. She was married in 2005 to Will Vaughn, a native of Martinsville, and they moved to Martinsville in December of 2006. Meredith, a certified public accountant, is the Tax Manager at Hooker Furniture. Her hobbies include traveling, visiting family and friends, playing tennis, cooking, reading and shopping. Meredith was nominated by Janine Jacob and seconded by Martha Medley and Sebrena Head.

We encourage the membership to support the 14 provisional members with encouragement, information and a helping hand. 

Here’s to the class of 2014!